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About Us

Mid Ohio Detox is the only licensed center in the Midwest designed for anesthesia assisted detox (AAD). The AAD procedure is performed in an accredited surgical center with a full staff of licensed physicians and nurses capable of handling any complication that might occur.  

In your research, you may have come across rapid detox utilizing light sedation and deep sedation. These processes may be safe for some procedures, but it is important to note that most complications from AAD do not come from withdrawal itself, but rather anesthesia complications, most notably aspiration (stomach contents entering the lungs), which can occur when a patient is too sedated to protect his or her own airway.  Aspiration can result causing dangerous and sometimes life threatening complications. At Mid Ohio Detox we greatly reduce the risk of this complication by placing the patient under general anesthesia and maximally protecting the airway through intubation. According to the most up to date university-based safety protocols, the safest way to perform AAD is using general anesthesia with intubation and one-to-one patient/anesthesiologist care. 

At Mid Ohio Detox, all anesthesiologists performing the procedure are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesia and each has a minimum of 13 years of clinical experience. They completed their training at Cleveland Clinic or The Ohio State University Medical Center.  In addition to performing AAD, each physician continues to practice cardiac and/or general anesthesia at local hospitals, and all are airway experts, with each performing over 750 intubations every year without complications.  Because of our safety protocols, outstanding facility, and highly trained and experienced physicians, we feel confident when we state that we are the safest facility to undergo AAD.

At Mid Ohio Detox, we treat every patient as an individual and all are treated with dignity and respect. Confidentiality is one of our highest priorities and all HIPAA laws are strictly followed.  We understand that the majority of people suffering with opioid dependency never intended to become addicted.  We do not believe that the detoxification process should involve pain or punishment or take weeks out of your life. For years this torturous process was the only option for those suffering from chemical dependency. Fortunately, we can offer a faster, safer, and more humane alternative. The procedure we perform only resolves the physical aspects of the addiction, which we believe is the essential first step. Although, we do not offer ongoing therapy, we highly encourage follow up counseling and treatment for every patient, and we are available to help coordinate this continued treatment to insure a successful long term recovery for all of our patients.