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Anesthesia Assisted Duramorph Detox, Ohio

Duramorph is another name for injectable morphine, which is a systemic analgesic that is used by doctors to treat patients who are experiencing severe pain. Morphine, the main ingredient in duramorph, was first discovered in 1804 and entered the drug market in 1827. Duramorph works by mimicking the body's natural endorphins, which block pain and produce feelings of pleasure. Although duramorph is an effective pain reliever, it can also lead to physical and psychological dependency when it isn't used properly or is consumed for an extended period of time.

One of the strongest painkillers, Duramorph is often prescribed for severe pain. However, people often mistakenly believe that the drug can be consumed safely even when it hasn't been prescribed by a physician. Unfortunately, because painkillers like morphine affect all patients differently, consuming morphine can be very dangerous, and many patients will develop a tolerance to the drug over time. As a patient's tolerance continues to build, he or she will need increasingly larger dosages of the drug to feel the same effects. Eventually, the patient is no longer able to achieve the desired response even with extremely high doses of the drug.

Addiction to duramorph is a serious condition. If you or someone you know is suffering from a dependency to this drug, medical treatment can help you overcome it. Although several detoxification programs are available to help you rid your body of duramorph, one of the best options is Anesthesia Assisted Detoxification. With this program, you can complete the worst part of your withdrawal while under general anesthesia. This allows you to rid yourself of the drug faster and with fewer uncomfortable symptoms. To learn more about the AAD method of detoxification, contact Mid Ohio Detox today. You can also learn about AAD by reviewing the information found under the "Treatments" menu option on our website.