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Rapid Hydromorphone Detoxification, Ohio

Hydromorphone is a derivative of morphine that belongs to the opioid drug class. Legally, hydromorphone is considered a narcotic. First marketed in the 1920s, the drug is a powerful pain reliever that works by binding to opiate receptors in the brain and blocking sensations of pain. Because it is so powerful, it is commonly administered intravenously following surgery. However, it is also available in the form of pills, and it can be habit forming. In people who use the drug frequently, both physical and psychological dependence can develop. Hydromorphone is sold under the brand names Dilaudid, Exalgo and Palladone, as well as others.

Because hydromorphone is often prescribed by licensed physicians, people may mistakenly believe that it is safe to take, even if they didn't acquire it with a prescription. However, hydromorphone is an extremely powerful drug that can be very addictive. Every patient reacts to painkillers differently, and some patients can even develop a serious syndrome known as opioid induced hyperalgesia when they take hydromorphone for extended periods of time. Patients with this syndrome become hypersensitive to pain, and they often end up escalating their dose of hydromorphone in order to relieve it. As the pain becomes more severe, even the highest dosages of the drug may become ineffective.

For individuals who become addicted to hydromorphone, detoxification is often necessary. Multiple methods of detoxification are available, but one of the most effective methods is Anesthesia Assisted Detoxification. With this procedure, patients are able to complete up to six days' worth of normal detoxification in only six hours with the help of anesthesia. This method is much faster and less painful than other available methods. If you or someone you know is addicted to hydromorphone or another dangerous drug, contact Mid Ohio Detox to learn more about the AAD program. You can also learn more by reading the information found under the "Treatments" menu option on our website.