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Anesthesia Assisted Suboxone Detox, Ohio

Suboxone is most often prescribed as an alternative treatment for managing opiate addiction. It is a combination of drugs that includes an opiate replacement and an opioid antagonsit. These allow Suboxone to bind to the body's opiate receptors in the brain (to block sensations of withdrawal) while reducing the likelihood of continued narcotic abuse (by preventing or limiting feelings of euphoria). Most people can function fairly well on Suboxone and the risk of drug overdose is less since higher doses won't produce measurable effects. 

Because Suboxone is prescribed by doctors, many people assume that it is safe to take. However, if you obtain the drug illegally, or if you don't follow your doctor's instructions exactly, this drug can become addictive and dangerous. Like methadone, patients on Suboxone are not clean of drugs. They have simply replaced one drug for another. Common side effects of taking Suboxone include irritability, difficulty sleeping, constipation, and jitteriness. Additionally, the patient faces the same symptoms of withdrawal (painful flu-like conditions) if they attempt to stop taking the drug. In comparison anesthesia-assisted detoxification can provide relief from withdrawal more quickly than treatment programs using Methadone or Suboxone .

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction but has become addicted to Suboxone, the AAD method of detoxification may be a better approach. With our anesthesia assisted procedure, the addicted person can accomplish approximately six days of normal detoxification while in a medically-supervised state of sedation. To learn more about Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification, contact Mid Ohio Detox today. You can also learn more about various detox procedures by reading the information found under this website's "Treatments" tab.