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Treatment Methods for Opiate Addiction

Although some individuals have the capacity to withdraw from opiate addiction without participating in a medically-supervised treatment program, the "cold turkey" approach can be quite painful and is simply not an option for other patients. Since withdrawal from opioids is not in itself life threatening, each individual should weigh the pros and cons for each treatment method including:

  • * Traditional Opioid Detoxification
  • * Methadone Maintenance Therapy
  • * Suboxone Maintenance Therapy
  • * Anesthesia Assisted Detox

Every patient reacts differently as his or her body adapts to abstinence. For that reason following any treatment program for detoxification, it is important for the individual to follow all instructions provided by their physician, counselor, or other healthcare providers. Mid Ohio Detox provides a safe approach with all physicians performing rapid drug detox are board certified, licensed, practicing anesthesiologists.